NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Will Feature Cryptocurrency Mining Limiter

The same leakster, Kopite, who provided the specifications of GeForce RTX series months ahead of the series release, reveals that RTX 3080 Ti will also feature a crypto mining limiter.

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This news isn’t surprising as NVIDIA had hinted at integrating this technology in the upcoming RTX 30 series graphic cards. Sources at Videocardz confirmed that NVIDIA had sent an update for RTX 3080 Ti to AIBs.

Kopite also tweeted about the change in RTX 3080 Ti specs where the card will be powered by a GA102 GPU based on 10240 CUDA cores. A 12GB GDDR6X 384-bit RAM will replace the previously chosen 20GB GDDR6X 320-bit RAM.

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The RTX 3080 Ti will be launched in April, but it should be noted that the launch has already been delayed three times previously. NVIDIA planned to release RTX 3080 20GB in December initially.

Via Twitter