Apple to Launch $1,000 AR Headset in 2022

The latest report suggests that Apple will penetrate the AR market next year with its own AR headset. Ming-Chi Kuo from TF International Securities reports that Apple’s AR headset will arrive in 2022 while the smart glasses will arrive in 2025 with the tentative name, “Apple Glass”.

hero apple augmented and virtual reality headset

Previously, it was expected that the AR headset will be priced at $3000, but Kuo states you will be able to purchase one for $1000, which is comforting for some potential users.

The AR headset will be based on a helmet form factor; whereas per an old report, it will have a LiDAR scanner, six camera lenses, a ToF sensor, along with 8K recording capabilities. Apple might include interchangeable headbands and support spatial audio technology in the headset too.

drawing of apple augmented and virtual reality headset

Once Apple releases the AR headset, it will release the smart glasses in 2025. Apple is focusing on two things while working on its smart glasses: weight and battery efficiency. This might be the reason why an old report stated that Apple ran into developmental roadblocks.

Via AppleInsider