NVIDIA GTX 1050 M Rumored To Launch at CES 2017

It has been reported that NVIDIA is planning to launch their GTX 1050 M mid-range mobile solution at CES 2017 in early January. NVIDIA has already released mobile variants for its GTX 1080, GTX 1070, and GTX 1060. For those who do not want to splurge for a laptop with one of these higher-end mobile solutions you are left with NVIDIA’s “Maxwell” GTX 960 M or GTX 950 M offerings. There are also reports of a surge of in demand for GTX 1060 M-based laptops, so adding the GTX 1050 M could be a nice addition for NVIDIA.


The GTX 1050 M, much like the existing “Pascal” mobile lineup is expected to have the same (or better) core-configuration as its desktop counterpart, but with significantly higher clock speeds. The GTX 1050 M should be a very attractive offering and it will have the power comparable or even better to the current GTX 970 M. With Intel’s “Kaby Lake” processors taking center stage at CES 2017 as well we could see a lot of new laptops at the show!

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