How New Media Has Changed the Gaming Landscape

It’s hard to believe but just a few years ago in order to play your favourite game, you would have to hook up your console to your TV, insert the disc or cartridge with the game in it and hang around in your living room/ parent’s basement all day to get your fix. Not too long before that, if you really wanted to play your favourite games as they were meant to be played, you’d have to go all the way to an arcade for your fix of Street Fighter 2. While things haven’t completely changed with the advent of new media as spending all days hooked to your Playstation can still be great fun and even arcades haven’t completely vanished off the face of the earth, you have way more options now on how and when to play your favourite game – way, way, way more options.

This applies to everything from playing Candy Crush on your tablet to almost interacting with the real world with Pokemon Go (though, really, has there ever been a shorter lived fad?) but whether you’re hitting an online casino like or hitting a virtual representation of one of your friends in the latest MMO, gaming is at your fingertips whenever or wherever you want.

One could always argue about the merits or lack thereof of this level of constant connection to your device vs constant connection to other people but, taking that as read, what does that tell us about how exactly that constant connection changes the way we play. Is there a fundamental difference between playing Super Mario Brothers 3 after school and being hooked into a life-like virtual world 24/7 or traveling miles to your nearest casino and logging in to your smartphone to collect a bonus at an online casino like ‎Best $10 Deposit Casinos 2022 ?

The answer, quite obviously, is yes. This is neither a bad thing nor a good thing but it does mean that the rules have very much changed. The ability to play a quick “time-killer” game when you have five minutes to spare on exactly the same device that caters for a fully immersive game that requires hours upon hours of dedicated gameplay means that both software and hardware developers need to create devices and programs that are almost shockingly versatile like

By the same token, the fact that you can login to your favourite online casino on your PC, your smartphone, your tablet or your smart TV, means that the software developers of such sites need to perfectly balance a need for cross-platform adaptability with ease of use; an authentic casino experience vs something tat can easily be accessed fully by a tiny handheld device.

And yet, it is exactly these challenges that energize software and hardware developers the world over – especially those looking for new jobs. Where once a game developer would just have to worry about creating a computer game that would work with the strict requirements of an average PC, they now have the opportunity to truly play with the capabilities of what they’re creating; often creating what is basically a line of games under the same name. The demand for such developers is in much need as seen at with the many jobs available from many parts of Canada.

It’s not an easy world for game developers now but the sheer breadth of opportunities out there for them and the challenges that each new presents only makes it all the more lucrative and exciting. And that’s just for the developers – how more exciting is it for us end users who get to enjoy the benefits of all their hard work!

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