NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti Cards Shows up on CompUSA Website!

We have been hearing rumors of NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti prices for a little while now. From what we have heard this card is going to be the next midrange card that every gamer wants offering the best price for performance ratio. Rumored prices have been all over the place from $350 to under $300. Well it looks like there is evidence that the price will be $299. On CompUSA’s website they list the card for $299 and you are even able to order it!


The card shown on CompUSA’s website is a PNY reference design NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti. On their website it uses the Item#: P56-0662 BORDER and the Model#: VCGGTX660TXPB-C Bundle. The BORDER means that this bundle will come with a game coupon for Borderlands 2, not bad! Now I did not personally order a card to see if CompUSA would send me the card before the release date, but I was able to add the card to my shopping cart. So if that is any indication go ahead and see if you can purchase the card!

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