Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to be Released Tomorrow

It seems sort of ironic that tomorrow is my Birthday and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive comes out. I have been playing Counter-Strike on and off for years, even in the competitive circuit. It has always been a game that I’ve come back to over and over again. I have been spending some time playing the Global Offensive Beta over the past couple of month and I think the improvements bring new life into the game. Valve recently released the cinematic trailer for the game, which you can see below.

While the trailer is cool it does not show much gameplay. I can tell you the game does seem a lot like Counter-Strike source, with a facelift and some other added features. Will Global offensive bring new life back into Counter-Strike, will it return to being a game where we see professional teams? Till will only tell. You can pre-order the game today via Steam for only $13.50! So will you be purchasing Global Offensive?

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