NVIDIA Has Briefed Partners About Next-Gen GeForce Series

According to reports NVIDIA has briefed its all-in-card (AIC) partners about its upcoming GeForce product family, which is codenamed “Turing” and will either be called the GeForce 11-series, or GeForce 20-series. Tom’s Hardware Germany say that AIC partners have already began training product development teams. NVIDIA has also released a Bill of Materials (BoM) to its partners. This allows AICs to source components for their custom-designed cards like coolers, memory chips, VRM components and more.

nvidia bom

The BoM does list the timeline for the tentative amount of time each of the stages of product development should take. It shows 11-12 weeks (2-3 months) leading up to mass production and shipping. So if we take that product launch should happen some time in August (assuming that the BoM was released in May-June). Below you can see a table of the various stages of development of a custom-design NVIDIA graphics card.

nvidia process

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