Monday, September 24, 2018
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Intel to Officially Enter the Discrete GPU Market in 2020

While we thought Intel would be announcing a discrete GPU at CES 2019, it looks like it will be another year till we see a discrete GPU from Intel. This 2020 date was confirmed by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich during an event for analysts last week. This is also being backed up my a claim that Intel will be entering data center and client markets. Client markets means gaming solutions, which is exciting.

The mid-range market is likely where Intel will start with it comes to their client markets. Both AMD and NVIDIA have poured quite a lot of money into the mid-range market, the big question is…is there room in this market for a third player?

For those wondering this is not the first discrete graphics solution from Intel. 20 years ago Intel released the “Intel 740”, which more or less failed against competitors like 3DFX’s Voodoo 2 or NVIDIA Riva 128/TNT at the time.

Bob Buskirk
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