NVIDIA Is Capping Frame Rate Below 60 FPS for GeForce NOW Priority Members

NVIDIA just announced a new tier for its cloud streaming service named ‘RTX 3080’, providing high-end capable Ampere GPU for the customers. However, this tier is much more expensive than the existing premium tier.

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Tiers

RTX 3080 service costs double that of the NVIDIA GeForce NOW ‘Priority’ tier. NVIDIA’s own website revealed that the cheaper tier offers ‘Premium Rig’ hardware which is limited to 1080p 60 FPS. Reportedly, some of the most popular AAA titles are not able to support this framerate.

According to reports, a Redditor and GeForce NOW member approached NVIDIA customer support with a question about why Guardians of the Galaxy is capped to 50 frames per second. This setting was nonmodifiable. The support replied to confirm that this was planned and there are actually other games too that are hard-capped to certain FPS, for instance, CyberPunk 2077 with a 45 FPS limit.

GeForce NOW Cap

After a couple of days, NVIDIA published a comprehensive list of GeForce NOW games showing this feature. The company clarifies that certain games did not do well at 60 FPS as they could not sustain such a framerate. To rectify this, NVIDIA decided to limit the framerate in games and called it “Optimal Playable Settings (OSP)”. In the majority of the 1,100 games that GeForce NOW supports, OSP can be overridden , except few games.

Despite all the limitations, GeForce NOW is still a fascinating option for many gamers who are looking for a reliable RTX-enabled graphics card available at a reasonable price. The Priority tier is available at 50 USD for six months, while RTX 3080 tier costs 100 USD for six months. On Newegg,  this particular GPU now costs 1500 USD.


Some drawbacks are that cloud gaming services do not often contain all titles and it causes latency and complexity in actually launching the game. The customers will need uncapped high-speed Internet access for this game. The plus point is that the service is available on numerous platforms like PC/Mac/Android/Internet Browsers etc and they do not require powerful hardware.