NVIDIA Launches GeForce RTX 20-series SUPER Mobile GPUs

Along with the Intel mobile launch NVIDIA has also released their GeForce RTX 20-series SUPER mobile GPUs. In the lineup you have the GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER, RTX 2070 SUPER, and their Max-Q variants. Both GPUs have the same core configurations as their desktop counterparts, so the RTX 2080 SUPER mobile has 3072 CUDA cores and the RTX 2070 SUPER mobile has 2560. The thing that sets them apart from the desktop parts is the use of lower power 14 Gbps memory (instead of 15.5 Gbps), clock speeds, and aggressive power-management.

rtx super mobile 1

The RTX 2080 SUPER mobile runs with a 1560 MHz GPU boost with a power envelope of “150W+”, wwhile the Max-Q version only runs at 1080 MHz with an 80W power envelope. The RTX 2070 SUPER mobile runs with a 1380 MHz GPU boost with a power envelope 115W, while the Max Q version runs at 1150 MHz at only 80W.

NVIDIA is also introducing Advanced Optimus, which is an improved version of their iGPU-dGPU switcher, as well as Dynamic Boost which is its own power-balancer between the CPU and GPU.

Notebooks featuring these new GPUs will go on sale April 15th, starting at $699.

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