NVIDIA Partner Maxsun Teases Next-Gen Graphics Card

Maxsun is not very well known here is the west, but they are on official NVIDIA all-in-board (AIB) partner out of China. Being an AIB partner they do having information on all of the details on NVIDIA’s next-gen products. With that they have showcased their “next generation” card at the ChinaJoy Expo.

maxsun next gen

While an actual card was not on display what they did show was what looks like a 3D render of what their finalized next-gen GeForce graphics card will look like. This card will be part of their iCraft line and of course is littered with RGB lighting.

The card is cooled by a triple-fan cooling solution. We do not see a DVI connection or SLI termination either. The card seems to be powered by a single 8-pin power connector and the “GeForce GTX” branding is quite clear on the side of the card.

Sadly we do not know which model this will be or what it is going to be called.

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