NVIDIA Removes Lite Hash Rate Limiter With The Latest Driver Update

Cryptomining is still not over, but it’s considerably less crucial than it was two months ago when Ethereum switched to Proof of Stake. The Reddit user Timbers007 has confirmed that the LHR restriction no longer applies to the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti (which was released alongside LHR). This is on a Windows operating system using Ethminer, crypto-mining software that has never been unlocked. The screenshots indicate a mining speed of 112 MH/s, which is comparable to what unlocked miners like NiceHash/NBMiner were previously delivered.

RTX30 LHR 1 1800x642 1

Rapid Mining on YouTube shows an RTX 3060 v2 (model with LHR) hitting 47 MH/s with the latest driver, proving that LHR has been deactivated yet again.

NVIDIA launched LHR models in May 2021; however, the algorithm was swiftly circumvented by resourceful mining tool developers. LHR was eventually fully unlocked, which had an influence on GPU cost, although only for a short time. The LHR algorithm was a simple fix that had an effect on all memory-intensive crypto-mining workloads. NVIDIA had to re-release several graphics cards, although it was finally included in all RTX 30 series GPUs exept the flagship RTX 3090.


According to Redditor, the LHR has been removed from Windows and Linux drivers, which implies that it will no longer be necessary to operate miners with privileged user accounts for Ergo or Ethereum Classic mining.

Via Reddit