NVIDIA RTX 4060 To Launch in Summer 2023, Performance to Rival RTX 3070

NVIDIA will be ramping up their RTX 40 series graphics cards into high volume in by the Summer 2023. With this they will be introducing the GeForce RTX 4060 graphics card, which is expected to launch around June 2023. This card will be based on the 4nm “AD106” silicon, which is the 4th chip based on the “Ada Lovelace” architecture.


Lenovo’s China Gaming Desktop Product Planning Manager has predicted that the performance could match the current RTX 3070 at a lower price point.

With this level of performance, the card would be a great card for 1440p AAA gaming with high to ultra settings as well as ray tracing. Other predictions for this card include a board power in the range of 150-180W and that it will have a 10% generational price increase. This price increase would put the card around the RTX 3060 Ti price of $399 at launch.

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