NVIDIA Issues Official statement On Melting Power Cables, Says There Are only 50 cases known globally

NVIDIA is now ready to give an official statement on the melting power connectors after analyzing GamersNexus’ investigation..

GamersNexus finalised their week-long testing of melted power connections earlier this week with the following discovery. The cables can be meted if they are inserted incorrectly or if foreign item debris from the manufacturer is present.

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In response to this inquiry, NVIDIA has acknowledged that their preliminary results based on 50 cases worldwide indicate that the melting issue may occur when the power line is not properly inserted. Before inserting the card into the system, the organisation suggests that users check that the wires are properly and evenly plugged in.

The provided number of 50 cases worldwide is extremely low. According to GamersNexus, the issue has affected 0.04% of RTX 4090 cards sold thus far. The overall number of RTX 4090s sold is expected to be 125,000, according to GN, which was confirmed independently by different board partners.

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NVIDIA will assist customers whose cards are affected, including Founders Edition and bespoke models. It also makes no difference which cable was used; therefore, adapters or native implementations are covered by the RMA process.

Furthermore, the corporation provides this image as an example of an incorrectly inserted cable versus a correctly inserted cable. The power connector must be fully inserted until no gap is evident.

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NVIDIA is still looking into all new reports of melting cables, connectors, and adapters. If this problem afflicts your card, disconnect it from power instantly and initiate the formal RMA process. Everyone else should ensure their cards are correctly installed, and hopefully, there will be no difficulties.