GALAX GeForce RTX 4090 HOF Overclocked To 3.85 GHz, Breaking 14 More World Records

OGS of the GALAX OC Lab team has upgraded his RTX 4090 graphics card to 3.825 GHz; the highest GPU clock achieved to date.

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This accomplishment was only made feasible with highly customised RTX 4090 HOF graphics card and a lightweight benchmark like GPUPI. In addition, the active overclocker surpassed his prior 3DMark software performance, which had previously reached 3.5 GHz. This frequency has been increased to 3.7 GHz at this time.

Considering the workload, overclocked RTX 4090 GPUs can reach 2.9 to 3.0 GHz out of the box. However, custom-built systems optimized for high overclocking can achieve even greater speeds. The GALAX HOF is a pre-binned model with dual 16-pin power connectors and a unique Extreme OC BIOS power supply circuitry.

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Probably, RTX 4090 will soon reach greater clock speeds. The 4.0 GHz GPU barrier no longer appears impossible. However, no other brand should be expected to cope with the HOF model. There have been no updates on MSI Lighting, ASUS ROG Matrix, or EVGA Kingpin due to the company’s exit from the GPU market.

New RTX 4090 world records

• GPUPI 3.3 1B, 3.825g
• GPUPI 3.3 32B, 3.78g
• Fire Strike Ultra, 3.7g
•Fire Strike Extreme, 3.675g
• Port Royal, 3.7g
• 3DMark Vantage Performance, 3.7g
• 3DMark Vantage Extreme, 3.7g
• 3DMark 11 Performance. 3.7g
• Catzilla 1080P, 3.7g
• Catzilla 1440P, 3.7g
• Catzilla 4K, 3.7g
• Catzilla 576P, 3.7g
• Catzilla 720P, 3.7g
• Superposition 8K, 3.66g

Via Wccftech