NVIDIA Says Their Laptop Gaming Is More Powerful Than Current Generation Consoles And Fully VR Capable

As many of you know NVIDIA is one of the modern makers of graphics processing chips and are quite successful at it. For some reason they were not able to score a design win in the console market because of an under-powered CPU portion, even though their graphics chips are among the most powerful. At their recent quarterly earnings meeting company CEO Jen-Hsun stated that the latest mobile chips from NVIDIA are better than chips in current generation consoles in nearly all aspects.


Here is a section of the transcript from the earnings call:

“I appreciate you bringing up the notebook work that we did. Maxwell, the GPU architecture that we created and the craftsmanship of the GPUs we made are so incredible that it’s finally possible for a notebook to be able to deliver the same level of performance as a desktop and our timing was timed so that people who want to enjoy VR with a notebook can finally do it. And so the latest generation of notebooks with GTX 980 are just amazing. I mean, they are so many times more powerful than a game console. It fits in a space smaller than a game console and it can drive VR. Everything you want to do, every game you want to play is possible on that thin laptop. And so the enthusiasm behind our launch with GTX 980 has been really, really fantastic. I appreciate you recognizing it.” – CEO Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang

Of course the chip he is talking about is the recently released mobile GTX 980, which is a very close equivalent to the desktop GTX 980. If we take a look at performance numbers you can see that what Jen-Hsun said is very true.

The PS4 has is rated at 1.84 TFlops
The Xbox One is rated at 1.31 TFlops
The GTX 980 (Notebook) is rated at 4.6 TFlops

Could we see an NVIDIA product in the next-generation of consoles? Who knows!

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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