NVIDIA To End GameStream on its Shield TV Products

It looks like NVIDIA will be ending their GameStream feature on Shield TV products. This change will take effect in mid-February 2023. For those unfamiliar, the GameStream feature allowed Shield TV owners to stream games from their PC to their Shield TV. For gamers this was a major selling point of the Shield TV as it make it easy for them to play their games on the big screen.

NVIDIA GameStream

The announcement of the cancellation of the feature has definitely caused a stir among Shield TV owners as they are essentially losing a feature they’ve always had. NVIDIA has not said why they are ending this feature, but we can imagine it is because they want to push Shield TV users to the GeForce NOW paid game streaming service instead.

NVIDIA has suggested that Shield TV users could use Steam Link to stream games instead, but this of course limits users to games that are on Steam, which is not ideal.


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