NVIDIA Working With Warner Bros. To Help Fix Batman Arkham Knight

The release of Batman Arkham Knight for PC was nothing short of a failure, which we covered extensively. Because of this Warner Bros. actually decided to pull sales of the game and remove it from Steam till the issues have been fixed. For those that did not return the game there is a patch expected in August that should address these performance issues. In addition to that it looks like NVIDIA will be working with the game developers to help fix the game.

Batman Arkham Knight

NVIDIA Gameworks engineer Tom Peterson has said that their team will be helping the game developers at Warner Bros. as a ‘goodwill gesture’.

“We have 200 to 300 engineers that are actually visual scientists,” Peterson stated. “They’re the very best out there. We’ve taken the strategy that says let’s record exactly what they’ve got in their minds, convert it to algorithms … test it and QA it, and then supply it as middleware effectively to game developers”

It is interesting that this was not done before the game was released, especially considering NVIDIA did bundle this game with their GeForce GTX 900 series graphics cards. Hopefully NVIDIA can help them get it right this time.

Source: Big Noobs | News Archive

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