NZXT Announces H6 Flow Dual Chamber Mid-Tower ATX Case

NZXT has announced its H6 Flow case that prioritizes airflow, featuring wraparound glass panels and a compact dual-chamber design. It differs from typical wraparound cases by incorporating angled side/front panel ventilation, making it ideal for users like me who place their case against a wall. NZXT has also embraced a tool-free approach, making the top and side panels easily accessible for building and future upgrades. This design somewhat resembles the HYTE Y60.

13 H6 Flow white RGB Legend L with system

This case includes three 120mm fans, available in either RGB or non-RGB variants. It also offers support for two 140mm fans at the base, providing direct cooling to the GPU with a precisely fitted recess. Additionally, the top panel of the case can accommodate up to 360mm radiators or three extra 120mm fans.

H6 Flow RGB Top Down Black

This case offers ample space for accommodating most hardware, providing up to 365mm of GPU clearance along with room for various other components. Additionally, it boasts generous cable management options, including wide channels and straps. However, due to its dual-chamber design, you can likely simply organize your components without much hassle.

H6 Flow RGB IO White

Experience peak performance within an innovative compact dual-chamber. Prioritizing GPU cooling, the H6 Flow’s panoramic glass showcases the interior while freeing up space for improved airflow.”

•Wraparound glass panels with a seamless edge provides an unobstructed view of the inside to highlight key components.

•Compact dual-chamber design improves overall thermal performance and creates a clean, uncrowded aesthetic.
•Includes three pre-installed 120mm fans positioned at an ideal angle for superb out-of-the-box cooling.
•The top and side panels feature an airflow-optimized perforation pattern to enhance overall performance and filter dust.
•An intuitive cable management system simplifies the build process by using wide channels and straps.
•Tool-free access to the top and side panels makes upgrading quick and convenient.
•Top panel supports radiators up to 360mm in length. Up to 365mm GPU and 200mm PSU clearance.

The H6 Flow will be offered in both white and black color options, as well as in RGB and non-RGB versions, with the following Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) at select retailers in the US, EMEA, APAC, and the UK:

– H6 Flow: $109.99/£99.99
– H6 Flow RGB: $134.99/£119.99