NZXT Announces the Function Keyboard, Lift Mouse, and Customization Service

NZXT, a leader in PC gaming hardware and services, today announces a new step into the peripheral market with the Function modular mechanical keyboard and the Lift lightweight ambidextrous mouse. NZXT will also be adding a deeper customization service to NZXT BLD allowing users to ensure their system and set-up can fit their unique style.

The NZXT Function modular mechanical keyboard is a low-profile keyboard with an aluminium body designed to allow users to tailor their experiences to fit their personal preferences. It includes customizable features that the custom keyboard community looks for, like hot-swappable switches, detachable USB C cable, and standard bottom rows. This allows users to finely tune their board to their exact color, sound, and feel.

nzxt function

The NZXT Lift lightweight ambidextrous mouse is a minimalist mouse designed for gamers. Each Lift mouse is packed with a High-end PixArt 3389 optical sensor and Omron switches which allows for the speed and ease of use that keeps players competitive. Both products have RGB lighting that is controllable via NZXT CAM, allowing for further customization so that users can match their system lighting and peripheral lighting with ease. Additionally, mouse pads will be on sale on in three sizes and colors for further customization of their setup.

In countries where NZXT BLD is present users can customize their Function Keyboard, for a $9.99 service fee, and Lift Mouse and have them shipped to them directly. It will allow users to change their base colors, switches, accent keycaps, and cable colors and have them shipped to you with options not available found in retail Function keyboards. And allow for Lift mouse users to purchase a mouse with an accent color and cable of their choosing.

Features Found in the Function Keyboard

  • ULTIMATE CUSTOMIZATION: Change to any MX-compatible switch thanks to hot-swappable sockets at every key switch position.
  • CAM-POWERED: CAM makes it easy to customize per-key RGB, macro-control, and lighting effects with four onboard profiles.
  • SIMPLE AND SLEEK: Durable aluminium top plate with a low-profile design, low profile chassis, and four onboard CAM-powered profiles
  • MADE FOR MODULARITY: Standard bottom row keyboard design enables users to install any standard aftermarket keycaps. Removable USB-C cable is ready for customization. Standard bottom row design with MX compatible hot-swappable sockets.

Features Found in the Lift Mouse

  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: The lightweight design enables fast and accurate movements for better in-game performance. This also leads to fewer instances of hand fatigue, providing comfort during long gaming sessions.
  • HIGH-SPEED TRACKING: High-end PixArt 3389 optical sensor adds high-speed tracking and accuracy with a 16k resolution for a competitive advantage.
  • MINIMAL DRAG: The paracord cable provides minimal drag and unrestricted mouse movement for smooth in-game performance.
  • 20-MILLION CLICK LIFETIME: Omron mechanical switches on all buttons stand up to wear and create long-lasting durability.

MSRP Pricing:

  • Function
  • Full-sized: $149.99
  • Tenkeyless: $129.99
  • MiniTKL: $119.99

NZXT BLD Add-ons for the Function

  • NZXT BLD service fee: $9.99
  • Accent Cables: $9.99
  • Premium Switches for MinTLK and TKL: $69.99
  • Premium Switches for Full size: $79.99

Lift Mouse: $59.99

  • Standard Mouse Pad: $19.99
  • Medium extended: $24.99
  • Extra Large Extended Mouse Pad: $29.99

Available Colors

  • Body: Black, White, Gunmetal Grey (NZXT BLD only)
  • Keycaps: Black, Grey (NZXT BLD only)
  • Accents Keycaps (NZXT BLD Only): Yellow, Purple, Blue, Red, Cyan
  • Accents Cables: Yellow, Purple, Blue, Red, Cyan
  • Lift Mouse
  • Body: White, Black
  • Accent ( Only): Yellow, Purple, Blue, Red, Cyan
  • Mousepad: White, Black, Grey
  • Switches Available for Function keyboard
  • Retail: Gateron Red
  • NZXT BLD: Gateron Red, Gateron Blue, Gateron Brown,
  • Premium Switches: Gateron Silent Black Ink V2 60g (linear), Gateron Aliaz Silent 60g (tactile)

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