SteelSeries Announces Pink PrismCaps and Headset Plates

Looking for that missing element to complement your gaming room? Or do you want your keyboard and headset to stand out? Check out these new Limited Edition items. Part of the mission at SteelSeries isn’t just to empower you with awesome gear to play and win at any game; style and personal expression absolutely matter. That’s why we are extremely excited to announce a Limited Edition run of these brand new goodies.

steelseries pink 5

If you haven’t checked out our keyboard PrismCaps before, they’re an awesome way to style your setup that also enhance durability. While we’ve had the black and white versions available, today we are introducing a limited run of new pink keyboard PrismCaps. These universal PrismCaps use an extremely durable PBT material, meaning your keys will feel good, look clear, and function well even after extended, heavy use.

steelseries pink 2 steelseries pink 4

Additionally, they do an even better job of showcasing the RGB elements of your keyboard. Translucent sides and letters really let that illumination shine in pudding-style. Also, our product comes with a keycap puller for easy installation and two extra sets of alternate bottom row keycaps.

steelseries pink 1 steelseries pink 3

Pink Speaker Plates
Looking for that pink accent for your headset? We’re also releasing these Limited Edition pink Speaker Plates. Similar to our other Limited Edition items, these will work with the following headsets:

  • Arctis Pro
  • Arctis Pro + GameDAC
  • Arctis Pro Wireless
  • Arctis Prime

See the complete look above, and make sure to head over to the pink PrismCaps or the pink Speaker Plates pages to nab them.

For more information, visit the product pages of the Pink PrismCaps and Pink Headset Plates.

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