NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse Review

Usage and Testing
To test the mouse I started out by using it with everyday tasks. My first reaction to it was how incredibly smooth it was; I never felt anything like this. It felt very natural and didn’t seem to drag along at all. My second reaction to it was its size; it was too small for my hands. It took me a while, but I eventually got used to the small feeling of a mouse. However, I never felt full comfortable using this mouse. It’s a great design and has great grips, but I just don’t think this mouse will work very well for people with large hands like me.

After a while of getting used to the mouse I decided to play some Team Fortress 2 and Dead Space. To adjust the DPI of the mouse you have options, use the up/down DPI buttons or hold down the `back’ button and use the scroll wheel to increase or decrease the DPI. The smoothness of the mouse was still brilliant for gaming as it only took little to no effort to move the mouse, but yet seemed to have enough weight to hold itself still.

After a while I figure I’d better check out the included software that comes with the mouse. Installation was pretty simple. On the Avatar software you have only three screens available to switch between. The first screen allows you to adjust the button assignment, orientation, and the Polling/DPI rate. You can also have up to give profiles on the mouse and you also have the ability to load and save these configurations.

NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse

The second screen, the sensitivity screen, allows you to simple adjust between 1-10 and either on or off for the X-Y Sensitivity, Win Pointer Speed and the acceleration of the mouse. The final screen allows you to adjust the scrolling speed, sensitivity and the double click screen. There is also a testing area which allows you to test your mouse settings like the double click speed.

NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse

The only problem that I found with this software is that you only have four DPI settings and you can’t adjust it away from those four. You’re stuck with only 600, 1200, 1800, or 2600 DPI.