NZXT H700i Case Review

Lights & Software
When you power on your system the fans and RGB strips will work not problem, but if you want any control over them you will need to install NZXT’s CAM software. NZXT CAM is actually a great piece of software that has come a long way since it was released and you can use it even if you don’t have any NZXT products as it monitors your PC and offers a bunch of other features.

Now if you go down to the lighting tab you’ll see the two RGB LED strips. Here you can switch colors, set different presets and much more. NZXT’s RGB LED stips are actually some of the best out there and with CAM you can really customize how those RGB LEDs look inside of your system.

With the two RGB LED strips as well as the LEDs on our motherboard the inside of our case looks pretty awesome! It is nice that all of this was included with the case, typically when I am doing a new build I am always going to buy at least 1 LED strip if not more.

NZXT H700i NZXT H700i NZXT H700i NZXT H700i

Moving on to the cooling tab. You’ll see all of your fans listed. Here you can change modes, which all have a different curve, or set a default speed etc. You can also see total wattage for each fan. It is really nice that all of the fans are already connected to the hub so they are automatically detected.

If you go down to the Smart Device tab you are greeted by a prompt to login. You will need to create an NZXT account to be able to use the Adaptive Noise Reduction feature, which seems to be a big selling point to this case. This is a little annoying as you can use all of the other features of CAM without an account.

In order to get the Adaptive Noise Reduction feature working you’ll need to run through the three stages. This actually became quite tedious as the application would fail, freeze, or not prompt us to go on to the next step. There are many factors that go into actually getting CAM to fully calibrate your fans etc, the guys over at Gamers Nexus have really explained it better than I could, but I ran into the same issues they did. And after hours of trying to get the calibration working I was just frustrated.

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