NZXT Performance Power 800W Power Supply Review

Final Thoughts

I see a few major problems with the NZXT PP800 power supply unit, and, unfortunately, none of them have to do with the actual unit itself. There is no mention of a warranty anywhere on the packaging. One would think that this would alternatively be in some kind of manual, but the PP800 lacks one of those, as well. The unit can be up to 78% efficient under load; why not endeavor to engineer that to 80% in order to meet the 80PLUS standard, even if declining to actually acquire the certification?

The PP800 is available for approximately $140 at NewEgg and the like as of this writing.

The PP800, while being technically sound, falls to other units because of its drawbacks. Without a warranty-something which some companies are guaranteeing for three or five years, or even a lifetime-I cannot recommend this unit. There are better choices on the market.

ThinkComputers gives the NZXT Performance Power 800W Power Supply Unit a 6 out of 10 score.

rating6 10 small


– Quite stable performance
– Extra fan means extra cooling


– Extra fan means extra noise
– Less than 80% efficiency places it in a class below its competitors
– No warranty places it in a class below its competitors
– No manual
– Expensive for wattage


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