OCZ XMP Ready Series DDR3-1600 6GB Triple Channel Memory Kit Review


The test results from the OCZ XMP Ready DDR3-1600 were about as expected from a high quality DDR3-1600 triple channel kit. There were performance increases in the overclocked numbers, but keep in mind that the increases usually aren’t dramatic when loosening the timings to attain an overclock.

I liked the OCZ XMP Ready Series DDR3-1600 triple channel kit. It looks sharp.I appreciate when a memory manufacturer takes the time to make their products look good. No, cosmetics do not affect the performance at all, but I enjoy putting good-looking components in my rigs. Supporting Intel’s XMP makes it very convenient to set the memory up, just pop it in, enable XMP in the BIOS, and go for it, rather than manually change each relevant setting.

Having an XMP profile of DDR3-1800 was a bit of a stretch, I actually was a little surprised at the profile due to my experience with overclocking OCZ memory, the models utilizing XTC heatspreaders usually allow for only a mild overclock. With triple channel, if you require an extreme overclock you would be better served with the Flex or Reaper series.

The OCZ XMP Ready DDR3-1600 6GB kit sells for $146 at my favorite online retailer. A good price for a good memory kit. ThinkComputers gives the OCZ XMP Ready Series DDR3-1600 8-8-8-24 6GB Triple Channel Kit a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small


– Looks great
– XMP compliant
– Priced right


– The DDR3-1800 XMP profile was not attained