Online Casinos: Desktop vs Mobile

When it comes to remote gambling, online casinos changed the game forever. In days gone by, phoning in your bets to a bookmaker was probably about as close as you could get to gambling without being physically present, with few options available for casino gambling. Today, online casinos have exploded in popularity, and millions of people worldwide regularly play online, covering everything from roulette to blackjack.

But if you’re one of those players, you’ll already know that mobile casinos are the next big thing. Or rather, they were the ‘next’ big thing, until they became mainstream. Smartphones and tablets now account for more traffic than desktop, and the same is filtering through into the world of gambling.

So how do the two compare, and what are the pros and cons of desktop vs. mobile gambling and vice versa?

Mobile Gambling

The new kid on the block, it’s worth starting with mobile gambling. If you are looking for some great games you can check out this mobile casino in Canada. In recent memory, mobile gambling was something of a novelty, but nowhere near an acceptable experience. Remember early smartphones? They simply didn’t have the processing power to handle complicated games, so the experience was much lighter on graphics, much slower, and generally much less satisfying than playing on a desktop.

Today, of course, mobile gambling is much more akin to the desktop experience. Usually, there is still a restriction in the number of games available when compared to the desktop version, but the graphics, playing experience, and everything else is pretty much as good – if not better, in some cases – than you would find on the desktop version of the same casino.

With mobile gaming, you can be playing anywhere, and enjoying the same quality of experience you get on desktop. So if you’re waiting for the bus, grabbing a quick bite to eat for lunch, or just generally feeling a bit bored, you can just whip out your phone and get playing in seconds.

There are two main options available for mobile gaming – apps and in-browser. With in-browser casinos, you simply head over to the casino website in your phone’s browser, login to your account (or create a new account if it’s your first time), and you’re good to play. There’s obviously no downloading or installation involved in this process, but it does mean you’re playing in a browser window, which some players feel is slightly limiting to the overall experience. A good example of this is Party Casino’s Party Casino’s live casino webpage – if you visit it on a phone or tablet device, their mobile dedicated website will display live casino games and content deemed best suited for mobile.

Others prefer to play in mobile apps, which can be downloaded and installed, usually for free. These apps often provide a much more immersive and realistic experience – like the Titanbet Casino app, for example, which transforms your full phone window into a casino gambling experience that is second to none. There’s even the option for live casino gaming through apps in some cases, allowing you to hook up with live dealer games for even more realism. While the overall game selection isn’t always as generous as you’ll find on desktop versions of online casinos, in general, mobile is now a significant rival to the traditional online experience.

Desktop Gambling

Arguably, the main advantage of mobile gaming is that you can play on the go. Other than that, it’s pretty much comparable to the desktop experience, but with the key exception of the number of games – and even this is changing rapidly.

When it comes to desktop, you get the benefit of the full online casino experience, with no limits on the games available. Take slots as an example – there are some slots that are hugely popular, but that don’t yet have workable mobile versions. While these remain in development, playing them on desktop is likely the only way you’ll be able to enjoy these games.

At the same time, some people feel playing on mobile is too small – purely in terms of screen size, button size, and other practical issues. Some people even have fat fingers – good luck doing much intricate on your phone if that sounds like you!

With desktop, you get the benefit of more screen real estate, while being able to enjoy the very best graphics, game engines and features online casinos have to offer.

The obvious downside with desktop is that mobile is more convenient – you don’t need to set up your laptop or find a plug point. But it’s a pretty minor difference, and if you’re playing at home, college or work, you’ll probably prefer the desktop experience because there’s nothing to be gained from going mobile.

Ultimately, both desktop and mobile gambling have a bright future ahead of them. While mobile checks the boxes for people who are looking to play on the go, desktop still has the marginal edge in terms of the gaming experience. Different versions of casinos will be applicable in different scenarios, so your best bet is to make sure you sign up with somewhere like partycasino that gives you easy access to the best of both worlds.

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