Top 5 Smartphones for Gaming in 2016

Since their initial inception, mobile phones have come a long way. No longer are they simply for making calls but now act as computers doing just about anything you need, wherever you may be. Gaming is one of the most popular uses with buyers seeking out phones that provide the best specifications for gaming.

Apple iPhone 6S
The processing speeds of this device make it an exceptional gaming phone. When playing mobile games, this is key to guard against the dreaded lagging. The RAM is sufficient, 2 GB, but not pegged out as with other phones.

HTC One M10
The M10 has double the RAM of the iPhone 6S with a notable 4 GB. Lagging should never be a worry when gaming with this phone. Batteries can also be charged wirelessly.

The internal design of this phone includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-Core 2.9 GHz which is adequate to handle the most demanding games. One unique aspect of this phone is its ability to recharge using wireless technology. This makes mobile gaming much easier especially if you’re playing mobile casino games on sites such as You would hate to be involved in a blackjack game and have your phone die on you. No worries with the G5!

Samsung Galaxy S7
The latest version of the Galaxy again is loved for its ability to game on the go. It is also the first mobile ever to be water resistant. This is important for those who game often when on the go. There are no worries if your device should fall in a puddle or you get caught in a downpour while playing your favorite casino slot machine game, it will just bounce straight back off.

Motorola Droid Turbo
One important component in a gaming phone is its display screen. After all, the visual aspect of gaming is very important. The Droid Turbo delivers a sizable display screen at 5.2 inches, giving the gamer the best visual experience when playing.

While all of these phones are ideal for gaming, the G5 may be the better option given its price in comparison to its specifications. The better battery life also pushes the G5 to the forefront.

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