Mind-blowing Facts About Online Gaming

Online gaming can be a scary place at times, often the press that we read about it isn’t the best. Luckily though not everything is bad, and there are a lot of positives, and this includes the fact that it is a very profitable past time.

The world of online gaming is thriving, and showing no sign of slowing down at this time. With a relaxing of legislation around gambling online, this has led to online casinos thriving. Even with this relaxed legislation, thankfully online casino playing is as safe as ever. Here are some mind-blowing facts online gaming:

Online Gaming is worth $41.4 billion as of the End of 2015
One of the most important things which will keep online gaming sites running smoothly is the fact that they are making a profit. With the worth of online gaming standing at $41.4 billion at the end of 2015, it shows that plenty of money is being made. The most surprising fact though is if we look back to 2005 online gaming was worth $13.8 billion, so there has been a sharp rise, which looks set to keep on rising in the near future.

Tablet Revenue is Rising Faster than Smartphones
Smartphones and the improving technology has led to a rise in the popularity of mobile gaming. As games start to look better though, players are realising it’s time to experience mobile bingo. This has seen a rise in tablets being used more than smartphones, which has resulted in more of a profit from games played on smartphones.

The Online Bingo Player Community Has Grown by 60 Times Since 2008
Bingo players seem to enjoy the flexibility of mobile gaming, and are moving online. This number of players is having an impact on the bricks and mortar form of the game, but thankfully that form of play hasn’t disappeared just yet. What we know though is that bingo is going nowhere, in whatever form you play it.

These are just a selection of mind-blowing facts about online gaming, and there are still plenty more that we’ve not listed here. One thing we do know though, the growth of this style of play is becoming even more popular, and shows no sign of slowing anytime soon.

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