Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks – Catching ‘em All

You would have to be hidden under a rock not to have noticed that Pokémon Go has taken over the world. It seems that everybody has taken to the streets searching for the elusive little creatures that have invaded the world of augmented reality.

If you want to be a Pokémon master though you’ll need to get some practice in. You’ll need a whole different strategy compared to if you were to get started with bingo online. To make things a little easier we’ve also put some hints and tips together which may help you with your curve balls, luring the Pokémon out of hiding, and getting those creatures you need for your collection.

Did That Grass Just Rustle?
If you are a fan of any Pokémon game then you’ll know that long grass was where to find plenty of Pokémon, even when you weren’t hunting them. As you wander the streets looking for the creatures in Pokémon Go you’ll also notice that there is some rustling grass. This is a hint that the Pokémon you are hunting are close, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

PokéStops are Better in Populated Areas
While you may find Pokéstops close to you, beware of the quality. These stops are like tagging yourself on Facebook, so think of it in the same way. If you are going to the local store you are less likely to tag yourself there, than tagging yourself at a famous landmark. If you want good quality Pokéstops go to town centres or other popular locations with plenty of visitors.

Name your Pokémons
Once you’ve caught your Pokémons, the chances are that you don’t want to keep their default names. The good news is, like all other Pokémon games, you can name your little creatures. This means you can give them imaginative little names that will make them more memorable for you. This will also help you when you want to mark out certain Pokémon for evolving, you don’t want to get confused by your big collection of creatures.

Don’t Be Afraid of Having Lots of the Same Pokémon
While you may think that growing a collection of Pidgeys or Squirtles it actually can be more beneficial than you think. One benefit they give you is the amount of candies that you are gifted. You can also trade your captured Pokémon with Professor Willow so having a big collection is always a plus.

Turn Augmented Reality Off
Although Pokémon is an augmented reality game, performance can actually be improved by turning the functionality off. What this will do is stop the use of the camera to use your surrounding area for the backdrop and provide a default one instead. This lets Pokémon Go itself perform better leading you to being able to use the game without any annoying problems.

Throw a Curve Ball
If you want to catch a rare Pokémon, then you are going to need to use a Curve Ball throw to stop them escaping. To do a Curve Ball throw hold your finger down on the Pokémon screen then make a circular motion with your finger. It will take practice but when you master it you’ll capture rare Pokémon in no time.

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