Online Form Builders: Boosting Your Brand On-Site And For Free

When thinking through the ways of promoting your brand, it is vital not to undervalue the power of communication: playing a vital role in creating a bond between the two parties, it represents an important aspect of the capturing leads process by means of working directly with visitors and customers. Belittling it, however, remains to be a quite common mistake for both inexperienced entrepreneurs who are new to self-employment and business old-timers that are already used to generating ideas: when getting too focused on the overall reputation of their brand and what is produced under its name, they tend to forget about how in actual it becomes known and wanted, namely communication.

Online form builders could help you to take care of the mentioned above: those little, yet handy implements were designed for all those business owners who seek an reliable instrument to promote their brand both efficiently and at the lowest costs. With the wide range of features offered for free, form building tools are proven to be overwhelmingly useful at collecting incoming information about clients’ requests directly from themselves — which thus makes them perfect for trends and market research that will only take a few clicks to be done. Below listed only few benefits of optimizing your business by introducing form builders into its promotion strategy.

To Code, Or Not To Code

Online form building tools take on the complicated and laborious aspect of coding from the process of forms creation: nearly all of them are equipped with a convenient drag-and-drop editors and plenty of pre-made options to choose from, which makes it incredibly easy to embody any ideas as to providing more functionality and interactivity to your website with having no programming knowledge at all.

The simplicity will surely be appreciated by beginners and regular users. However, for those confident about their technical skills, who’d like to be involved in the process, there are form building application suitable for hard coding — so techies can modify sites the way they are used to.

Real-Time Altering

The ability to test your forms in an instant as you working on them is another great thing about using form builders. When adding or removing elements, appending buttons and fields, changing colors and menu effects — form builders give you the opportunity to check the outcome in real time, allowing comfortably perform A/B tests in order to discover which shapes or features best suit your needs.

Gathering Customer Feedback

Further, you can use form builders to track, collect and analyze information about visitors’ activity straight from your website. It could be especially useful for when you seek a way to optimize your lead flow and assure maintenance of lead quality: gathering feedback is the most reliable option as it allows to determine the proper vector of the marketing strategies for your enterprise though relying on the opinion of your audience.

It will only take a few minutes to create a complete survey or poll to gather current data — and then just a couple more clicks to share it on the social media via direct link, or seamlessly embed it onto your website. In addition, most form building application are able to save each entry in a spreadsheet-like note, and send notifications once a visitor has filled out your form.

The Vast Diversity of Options

There are thousands of various online form building applications offered all over the internet to meet any possible needs. Some provide less choice of tools to select from, but are nimbler — while others come with a huge number of advanced features, but take more time to apply; some specialize in customization of a website’s appearance, providing impressive number of templates and effects — when other might boast with more practical implements such as Captcha, QR code, and donate/payment integrations; finally, some are cheaper and others might be pricey. For what’s worth, all you have to do is discover which one would suit your goals best.

Looking for something both multi-purpose and affordable? Check out MightyForms.

With a modern and intuitive interface, MightyForms is great for making comfy customizable forms and adjusting elements on a webpage quickly and effortlessly, then you should opt for MightyForms. Among other benefits, it also allows to automate workflow and generate leads with the advanced Real-Time Data Capture tool that is proven to be truly effective at brand promotion. Finally, MightyForms offers both non-limited free version as well as various paid plans for smaller businesses and bigger enterprizes.

Seeking to work with a familiar and reliable brand? Consider Microsoft Forms.

Need a form builder with a wide range of various templates, colors and shapes to choose from? This builder allows to collect and analyze form results in Excel — you have surely tried Microsoft products before, so it should be convenient for you to work with. Microsoft Forms is great option for plain questionnaires and quizzes as the process is quick and plain; you can then get a quick overview of it within the Microsoft Forms interface, or open the responses in an Excel spreadsheet to look on a detailed visualization of the gathered data.

Want to focus on the graphical aspect of the forms and reports? Try WuFoo.

Wufoo may lack in modern design, but it offers tools that provide great customizability and allow to build a form that’s unique. In addition to that, Wufoo offers a powerful report generator that’s particularly simple in use — you will especially like that if you need to create graphical reports without a spreadsheet: just add a name, pick the form information, select a graph style that suits best — and get a detailed, visualized report.

Those were only a brief introduction into how different tasks could be accomplished easily with the help of online form building tools, and which is to choose is up to you.

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