Online HTML Editor 101

Do you need to write HTML content? Perhaps the software you are currently using does not offer a convenient and strong way to write HTML content directly in your application. If your answer to that question is yes, you might benefit from organizing your content via Online HTML Editor like the one we have below.

In case you didn’t know, the rich text editor component helps those non-developers create their superior quality W3C valid HTML code. You can write the content in the editor as if you are utilizing an online document tool such as Google Docs or Word. The corresponding HTML will be shown in real-time.

You can also work along with the HTML, and the modifications will be reflected in the editor. That’s extremely beneficial, especially if you are happy to play both sides and know HTML.

How to edit content in your software

Don’t you currently make and edit content with the convenience of a rich text editor in your software? There’s no need to worry because you can simply ask your software provider about the potential of upgrading the HTML Editor component.

So, make sure you pick a platform with a reliable and powerful rich text editor built in already next time you are selecting the best software for your business.

Introducing TinyMCE

TinyMCE is the most sought-after and renowned rich text editor of the globe. It is trusted by millions of developers and utilized to power more than 100 million products globally.

The platform is equipped with a wide array of premium features that improve the overall content creation experience. These features are as follows:

  • Accessibility Checker

Guarantee the content is always accessible and complies along with WCAG standards.

  • Link Checker

Check for any broken URLs prior to sending the content to hundreds of thousands or even millions of customers.

  • Spell Checker Pro

Check and guarantee the spelling is consistent through every content and content authors within the organization in at least thirteen languages at the same time.

  • PowerPaste

Easily paste content from other sources such as Excel or Word and have the HTML formatting cleaned systematically. One benefit of that is that it does not ruin your HTML, not to mention that you don’t need to go into the code and fix it on your own.

Why use Online HTML Editor?

For many small business owners, finding a means to attract their business is a major priority. It’s something they work really hard to accomplish. Finding the ideal ones will take some research and time, especially with all of the different tools available for self-promotion.

One of the ideal ways to connect with the audience is by having a website. Many business owners are often intimidated when we talk about creating their website because of their lack of skills and knowledge. One way to ensure a website is put together properly is by using WYSIWYG HTML Editor.

Below are some practical advantages that a program like this could offer:

  • You can learn as you go

You will be able to begin learning about how coding works as you get more familiar with utilizing the HTML editor program. Understanding the skills required to create a site will enable you to include more to your business in the end.

The only thing you need to do is to make sure you consult with specialists in the website design field. Doing so will let you get an idea of the things which be the best programs for you to learn on.

The insights and recommendations you will receive from an expert can prove to be valuable in your journey to create your website from scratch. Amazing, isn’t it?

  • Get your website launched faster

Another awesome advantage that comes with using a WYSIWYG HTML Editor is that it will enable you to launch your site efficiently and quickly. Normally, when a business owner is trying to get up and run a site, the sooner they could get it done, the better.

Many of these business owners don’t have a huge amount of time to invest in developing a site. That’s why employing the editor could be extremely advantageous. As the owner, you will be able to put in a small amount of time and reap the benefits when using such types of editors.

  • It is simple to get a site laid out

Are you trying to get a new business site up and running? Then using an online HTML editor could be a valuable resource for you. Perhaps you are an inexperienced business owner who is trying to code your site. Keep in mind that it is impossible to achieve, especially without the proper skills and knowledge.

An HTML editor will enable business owners to create their site without having to code the entire thing. That could get it up and run in no time!

  • Connect to your hosting directly

Do you already have a commercial hosting set up? You can connect the editor to your host with an FTP connection, allowing you to instantly update your file whenever you save it. It’s a quick way to publish your site without continuously having to upload through FTP.

  • Check your errors

Most free HTML editors can check your code for any potential errors, which might have been made by mistake. That enables you to resolve them easily. Locating them before making your website live on the website is a much simpler and more efficient way to make a site.

Do you need a better rich text editor in the software you are currently using? Ask your software provider today if they can employ TinyMCE.

Our team at TinyMCE has the ideal HTML editor programs, which could be somewhat advantageous for a business owner trying to create their website. Our professionals will be able to offer you the necessary advice required to be a success in this kind of venture.

If you’re ready to get started, visit our site today to find out more details about our software.