Possible Changes in Gambit Mode in Destiny 2

When Bungie decided to separate itself from Activision, gaining full control over the Destiny franchise, it was evident that the forthcoming expansions and versions have a great future. The developers have taken their time to comply with all regulations before releasing the upgraded versions and add-ons for the game. One such upgrade has been seen in the game’s Gambit.

What Is Destiny 2 Gambit?

Initially, Gambit made its first appearance in the Forsaken expansion of Destiny 2, which was introduced in 2018. Right from the beginning, Gambit became a separate feature of the video game with Crucible and Strikes. While the latter has been a part of the game from the start, the introduction and inclusion of Gambit have helped it combine PvP and PvE aspects.

Destiny 2 Gambit Carry

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Future of Gambit

Announced with the release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Bungie is planning on bringing a remarkable upgrade in its Gambit. The gamers will enjoy this new version after upgrading the game in November 2020. The creators have provided a few details on what the changes and added features would be. However, a large part remains a mystery.

It is being expected that the competitive options would be removed, and game modes will be modified. However, these are just a few to name. This announcement has kept the pro Destiny 2 gamers on their toes. The Gambit Prime mechanics version will be enhanced to connect the game modes better.

Furthermore, the developers are focusing their skills on improving and stabilizing the Gambit for the new Destiny 2 game. Although, the success of Beyond Light will determine whether their efforts will pay off or not.

What’s New?

The upgrade in Destiny 2 Gambit will definitely be a catch for the players. Here is why.

Best of Both: The Old & the New

As mentioned above, the latest Gambit version of the game will have a combination of the new and old game modes. This news has sparked interest among the fans and gamers. The original version of the Gambit will be removed from Beyond Light and will be replaced with a better version.

The match will begin like Gambit Prime. The teams will have to collect Motes after fighting the enemies, which will be used to summon a Primeval and destroy it. The match pace and respawning time have been increased; it is faster than the older versions.

Once you are spawned on the map, you will have to spread out, spot, and kill the enemies. Only when all enemies are killed, more will be added to the map, giving you a gap between combats. You can target reaching and acquiring more motes during this short span.

No More Taunting

Taunting the enemy teams on the Gambit before the match starts had become a trend among the players. Sharing comical emotes made it fun for the gamers. However, since the spawning time has been decreased, players hardly have 5 seconds before they join the Drifter’s ship and are sent into the match.

This would probably be one of the drawbacks of the Gambit upgrade. Players will not have any opportunity to pass the emojis and taunt their enemy teams before the real game begins.

Return to the Primevals

The objective for the team matches would be killing the enemy leader before the rival team does. After your team has collected enough Motes, you will have to summon the Primeval and kill it. When playing in the basic Gambit mode, it might take around 8 minutes as the enemy was a bullet-sponge.

However, in Gambit Prime, the players will have to kill a few guards on a specific area of the map. This is done to deal with the damage for a particular time and then redo the same process. The Primeval can be hurt and damaged right from the moment it is spawned in Beyond Light.

However, the enemy will be spawned with Taken Envoys. The gamers can kill these envoys to impair the Primeval’s health. This can only be done by pointing and shooting at the enemies. The whole process has become faster and more fluent than the older versions.


The update is a mixture of the Standard and Prime gambit versions. Players will not have to worry about the best of 3 layouts, which made Gambit matches tedious and difficult. Now the Gambit matches are all about killing the Primeval before the rival team does.

You kill the boss, you win. Furthermore, the mote-draining blockers have been added to this expansion. If you send the blocks into the opponent’s motes, blockers will start draining them into your side. Overall, it is a much-awaited upgrade in the Destiny 2 games. Gamers might enjoy playing in these more than the older versions.