PRPosting – A New Guest Posting and Content Marketing Platform

PRPosting is a brand-new guest posting service that has been launched a few years ago. Today, it is fully functioning. It provides all kinds of SEO services, such as link building and content and guerilla marketing services. The platform has already been of service to nearly 300 satisfied owners and their projects.

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PRPosting Is Developed by SEO Experts

The development of the platform was headed by Alexander Kirik, an SEO specialist with 10 years of experience. Initially, it was created for the needs of his company’s projects. The result of their work was so good that the platform was made publicly available.

All clients of link-trading services are facing the same problems. They want links to be less expensive but highly efficient. In the art of link building, the PRPosting team decided to put a strategy in the first place. They believe it is important to combine the right links with the right placement strategy. The platform itself has everything one may need to create a winning strategy:

  • More than 30,000 websites for posts
  • Manual article publication
  • Either a quality backlink or a refund is guaranteed
  • Various instruments and filters for sites

PRPosting has collected its own database with a list of companies that trust nobody but them. These firms use only our service to sell their backlinks. We provide a big number of resources with exclusive and narrow topics, exotic languages, and reliable markets.  We own a large directory for link building purposes, as well as high-quality donors for publishing PR materials and content creation services in addition.

Pay for Link and Get a Whole Outreach Job Done

This method has shown itself to be far more efficient than link trading, though it is also more expensive. On the PRPosting platform, you will get the outreach job done for free. You pay simply for the link. You do not pay for the specialist’s job. Just top up your balance and get an outreach made specifically on your request.

Our guarantees, Service, and Commissions

PRPosting provides a 100% guarantee. You will get your content posted, or your money will be refunded within 7 days.

To make working with the PRPosting platform easier, you can top up your balance in 5 currencies. You can pay for placement by bank transfer as a legal entity or individual without any commissions.