Top New Strategies to Improve Video Rankings on YouTube

People looking to pursue a career or a hobby on YouTube have a lot to consider. They have to know how to come up with video ideas; they need to know how to film those videos, edit them, get views, and get a good video ranking. Video sharing is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of work and dedication. However, with these tips, YouTubers can increase their rankings, make some money, and gain more subscribers.

Getting Views

One of the biggest essentials in improving video rankings on YouTube is with views. The more views one has, the better ranking they will get.

Invest in Views

Start by investing in views through the Social Ups site. YouTubers can do this when they click here. Creating videos and vlogs is a passion and can be a career. Up and coming vloggers should invest their time in money in making their account a success.

Use Social Media

The best support system comes from the people YouTubers already know. Sharing ideas to other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will help video engagement and increase those views. People scroll through their social media accounts more than video platforms, so they are most likely to see videos if they pop up on their screen.

Creating Content 

YouTubers have to consider that they need to create worthy content to improve their ranking. They need to create videos that people want to see and actually ask for. They also need to be unique.


Using keywords is a great way to increase ranking and gain a larger following online. Research keywords that match the type of video that is being shared. A good start for keyword research can be found here. Some of the most important keywords on video streaming sites are:

  • Music Video
  • ASMR
  • Music
  • Comedy

These keywords are very basic and would need to be paired with other, unique keywords to generate better results. If the keyword is too popular, it will be hard to get people to see that video because there are many with that keyword. Sprinkle keywords throughout the video. Same them out loud and regularly. Then add those keywords to hashtags, the video description, in the comments, and another else that allows them to be used. This will generate a bigger audience. The keywords should be used in the most important parts of the video, too. Use the keyword in the title and at the end of the video.

Video Length

Believe it or not, the longer the video, the more engagement it will receive. People may not watch the entirety of the video, but they will watch bits and pieces of it to find the information they need. YouTube focuses more on longer videos because that is what they specialize in. Shorter videos are not as informative and detailed, so people watch longer videos over short ones.

Video Playlist

Use a video playlist, too. This will make it, so videos continue playing after one another. They will follow a specific order that the user has set up. If viewers are intrigued by one video, they continue watching the videos that follow.


Incorporate a colorful, detailed thumbnail into the video. Let viewers know what the video will be about and what the vlogger or content creator’s personality type is through the thumbnail. The thumbnail is the first thing the viewer sees and is often what determines whether they will watch the video. Keep it simple, too. If the thumbnail is too busy, the viewer will likely go with a different video. That certainly will not help your ranking. Some great examples of video thumbnails can be found at this link.

Knowing the Audience

There are all kinds of people online. Each social media account is going to have a different kind of audience. It is on them to figure out what that audience is like and how to create videos for them.


Video rankings are about views, but they are also about engagement. Videos need likes and comments, too, to receive better rankings. YouTubers can help themselves by engaging with the audience they already have. Respond to and like their comments, answer their messages, and use their suggestions in future videos.


Consider the audience when making videos. What videos do well, and which ones flop? Think about how the audience will react and if they will even like that video. Additionally, post the videos at times when people are most likely to be online and at times when they are probably going to respond.


There are a lot of viewers that are hard of hearing or simply like captions. Take this into consideration when making videos. Be inclusive of everyone so each and every person can enjoy the content being made.

Improving Ranking Overall

The combination of these tips and tricks will help video creators improve their overall ranking. It requires time, effort, and money to get a better ranking on YouTube. Build a following by investing in views, make the most of online content, considering the audience, using keywords and social media, and generally staying up to date on technology and popular topics on the web. Once a YouTuber decides to improve their ranking and work toward it, they will.