Online marketing tips for immediate implementation in an economic crisis

Are you affected by the current crisis? In today’s post, I’ll give you online marketing tips that can be implemented very quickly and that you can implement this week.

As a retailer you need an online shop

Are you a retailer but you are no longer allowed to open? That is bitter – but there is a very well-functioning solution: If the customer can not come to you, then you can go to the customer. You can open a shop on Shopify, WordPress or Magento. Apparently that seems to be working fine. Presumably, the market can not generate the sales that it would otherwise have – but it can probably be used to offset the loss a little.

Any retailer with a website can do sales automatically and it can be fulfilled without a separate need. That’s why having an online shop is a perfect way for many business owners to avoid economic crises.

Show yourself on Google My Business

If you offer a service, communicate this via Google My Business. You can also post news, such as your delivery service, there. Basically, now is a great time to clean up and optimize your Google My Business entry – also for the time after the crisis.

Attract customers to your offers via paid ads

If you had a retail business and did not pay attention to good rankings, then you will not be able to make huge leaps forward with SEO in a few days (you can find some SEO quick wins here). With Google MyBusiness and some SEO tricks, you can certainly do something, but overall SEO is more of a long-term work.

Instead, paid ads, also known as paid ads in technical jargon, are helpful in drawing attention to you quickly. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Instagram Ads help a lot – you can even buy Instagram followers for a perfect start. You can switch them yourself relatively easily. Are you a restaurant and now offer a delivery service? Book ads for all your Facebook fans – because these are usually your regular customers too