Optimize Your Smartphone Performance for Casino Gaming

For how long can you stay without your phone? A recent study conducted in the US shows that a typical human spends an average of 3 hours and 43 minutes a day on their mobile devices, which translates to 50 days per year. Smartphones and other mobile devices have made access to information easy, and we can also be entertained and shop on various Swedish online platforms with ease.

Mobile casino gaming has also become popular in the recent past. You can now play games on your smartphone directly from the online casino or download an app.

How can you ensure that you have a swift casino gaming session on your smartphone? We consulted our gaming expert Carlos Norberg (check profile) to educate us on what it takes to optimize gaming performance on your smartphone:

Uninstall apps you rarely use

The modern world seems to have an app for everything. If you cannot sleep, there is an app that can ‘track’ your sleeping patterns. You may have several bank accounts, and each has a mobile app. You may also be tempted to download several apps that will help you keep fit.

At the end of the day, you may find your smartphone filled with multiple apps that you rarely use. Online casino gaming thus becomes a challenge as all these apps are competing for limited resources.

The smartphone also comes with inbuilt apps that you cannot do away with. Identify those apps that you cannot function without and uninstall those that are adding junk to your smartphone. Ensure that 20% of your phone’s storage and RAM is always free.

Clear cache

The apps installed store small amounts of data on your smartphone’s cache. Such data may end up accumulating and even add up to 1 GB of the entire space unless you clear your cache. Accumulation of data will make your phone run low on storage and start being slow and less responsive.

The process of clearing cache will depend on the operating system on your phone. On your android phone; open settings-tap on storage-app manager-other apps-select the apps where you want to clear data-click clear.

On your iOS phone; open settings-tap Safari- Clear History and Website Data. Some 3rd party apps have clear cache options. However, if the app does not have such an option, uninstalling and installing the app again is the only solution.

The beauty of clearing cache is that it will not delete your stored information such as logins and game progress. You are thus assured that you can resume your games from https://cvasino.se/ and enjoy the Swedish casino games from your smartphone.

Update your OS and gaming apps

Software developers always work hard to ensure that you have an unmatched user experience whenever you use your smartphone. This can only happen when you constantly update your OS and apps to enjoy the latest features that developers have to offer.

Your phone will most likely notify you that there is a new update and that you have to click on the ‘update’ button. Ensure that you are connected to the internet and do not touch your phone during the update.

Updating your casino app is not hard as long as you set your apps to auto-update on your app store. Most of these apps will also send push notifications of updates as long as you are connected to the internet

Disable animations

This sounds like a process that a techie can only do, but it is not. The path you should follow on your phone to disable smartphone animations is Settings-Developer Options- Window Animation Scale-Animation scale. Select the window animation scale and set it at 10x and watch as your screen fades out and in slow motion.

Set animation off and your phone’s screen will behave differently from what you are used to. Your phones will streamline when you turn off the Transition Animation Scale.

Download an optimization app

Tons of apps will always turn on and run in the background when you turn on your smartphone. Such apps are always competing for your RAM, and your smartphone may start to lag. An optimization app will note down the running apps and help optimize your smartphone for maximum performance.

Such an app can also help you manage permissions and set out which apps should run in the background and which should not. You can always open the optimization app before you start gaming on a Swedish casino and make your smartphone ready for the gaming session.

Remove bloatware

Some apps come with your phone, but you will never use them. You may have also realized that there is always space on your phone that is ‘unaccounted’ for in your internal storage. Rooting your device can help you do away with the unwanted apps and also unlock that space.

You can also identify such apps on your smartphone and disable the auto-update feature. Rooting your device can be a tricky approach but ensure that you have the right tools. However, you should note that such an approach can make the warranty void as you will have altered the normal operations on your phone.

You do not have to be a techie to optimize your phone for online casino gaming as long as you follow the above tips. Having a phone with good RAM, resolution, and amazing graphics are also some of the factors that will make you enjoy your gaming sessions.