10 Useful Websites With Free Study Guides for Students

Nowadays, almost anything can be found online, which is a great advantage. It is especially important for students, whether they study in a traditional way or distantly. A lot of educational materials, books, articles, notes, and lectures are available for free. All you need to know is where to find them. This is a list of excellent websites that offer study guides on various topics and subjects for students all over the world.

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This is a dashing knowledge platform that helps with several things. One can find here examples of written assignments, like essays. It helps one become better at writing. There are also tips on preparing for standardized tests and various academic writing pieces of advice.

Overall, it is a great site to visit for those who want to know more about all things writing. But the best features here are resume writers and literature study guides. You can read book overviews for novels included in college curricula. So, if you need a fresh reminder on a novel plot or you do not have the time to read the whole thing, this site is the place to go.


The name says it all – this is a powerful archive for originals from all over the Internet. You get many books or sources from different websites in one place. For example, students can find here a collection of free books from American libraries. One can search by a library or by the title. It is a great way to access original study material free of charge.


If you are into the most relevant and recent news but with an academic approach, this website is perfect. There are many articles and guides on the most trending topics, from AI and time elasticity to Wall Street news. They are educational and explain difficult concepts in an entertaining way. There are articles on anything one might need. The website is fun, interesting, and it helps keep in touch with recent findings and scientific news.


Visual learners will love this website as it mostly features videos on various topics. The main goal is to explain different concepts and difficult to comprehend parts of the curriculum. It covers math, science, and English. There are also standard test preparation guides and videos for college students.

However, the website is not limited to videos on math or physics concepts or tips for writing a college essay. There are also videos on choosing courses wisely, raising your GPA, creating an exam schedule, or surviving a class with a bad teacher. It is interesting and fun, and lectures are given by top university professors.

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Yes, a lot of people heard of it, but it is still important to mention. This is a resource full of lectures on the widest array of topics. It is not derived from a curriculum, but students can get incredible insight into any subject. These are lectures from industry or opinion leaders that share their knowledge and experience. So, if you need a better grasp of something, it is worth checking.


This website takes a fun and comedic approach to studies to take some stress off the student. There are guides, materials, and videos on all subjects, including math, social studies, science, art, literature, English, and so on. One can also evaluate their readiness for tests or find cool pieces on mythology or biology.

There is a paid subscription for more materials, but study guides are completely free to anyone.


The main feature of this platform is that you can create your own flashcards for revising. It is a cool and productive way to learn terms, dates, or concepts. But the best part is that one doesn’t have to create anything often because there is access to previously made content.

There is a huge database of flashcards and study materials on almost anything. Of course, it is user-generated content, but it is mostly very good. When you need to revise for exams or tests, it is a place to go.

MIT OpenCourseWare

As the name suggests, this site offers access to course materials from MIT for free. There are lots of exciting things to learn from professors of one of the top universities in the world. One can search by topic, course number, or department. There are articles, textbooks, and video/audio lectures.

MIT OpenCourseWare offers many supplemental resources as well. Whether you are interested in geology, ancient Rome, or rocket propulsion, you can come across excellent guides here.


Students can find here study guides, literature notes, and test preparation materials. There is a wide range of topics, from algebra to accounting and from calculus to criminal justice. All the subjects and topics are neatly organized and easy to access. It is more on the fundamentals side, but it is exactly what students need to improve academic performance most of the time. And it closely follows the academic curriculum.


Whether you are majoring in it or just taking general courses, history can be pretty tough. This platform specializes only in history study guides. It means that the materials here are pretty good. One can get materials and lectures on all periods, from ancient history to modern times.

There are also guides to how to learn history, which explain how historians approach the subject and the concepts of past, present, and future. Besides, there is a ton of supplemental information and links to academic resources. Overall, the website is incredibly helpful for anyone who acquires knowledge in this subject.

In Summary

With these ten sites, students can be ready for almost anything. Whether you need to refresh memory about a novel, find math tips, or learn about time elasticity – these platforms have got you covered. They feature excellent study guides, texts, lectures, and other materials that help survive college. And the best part is that they are available for free.