From Best to Worst Odds in Vegas

If you are in Las Vegas, you will get a lot of gambling games for getting pleasure. It is a real paradise for gamblers. They can find here slot machines, craps, and so on. But you should know what games will give you more chance to win. The information can save your money and make the gambling session longer.

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What Is The Best Odds?

According to the statistics, casino income has decreased for 2% and it is problem for the gambling companies. But Nevada land-based casinos still have about $1 billion per month. So, it is really difficult to find a poor casino owner. All the people are rich and their income is growing.

That is so due to the house edge. It is very high and you should know how to make a counterbalance to get both: pleasure while playing and some money.

Casinos are ready to give you the games with a high chance to win. The edge is expressed as a percentage. For instance, if it is 3%, that means you can lose 3 cents from every dollar. The statistics is real for the durable process. So, if you bet $3, you won’t lose 9 cents only. Moreover, you can win a great prize and stop playing. So, you will have a benefit. It is necessary to play some time to get several prizes and to come to the result. If you are lucky and you could win from the very beginning, it is better to think about the necessity of going on the game.

Best Payout Games in Las Vegas

1.Blackjack – House edge about 2%.

If you don’t risk without any reason, you can play for a long time. The rules are easy to understand. You just need to get 21 or about it and you should collect more than others. It is impossible to get over 21 or you will defeat. There are different rules and you have to read it before the game. If you are the beginner, you could understand all the details rather fast. So, you will know when it is better to double your bet or to stop playing.

2.Craps – House edge 1.4% – 5%

The odds are not so high in this game. You should guess the sum of two dices. It is the shooter, who throws the dices. The result depends on your luck and you will definitely win early or late. Just try to listen to your serendipity.

3.Roulette – House edge 2.8% with one zero and 5.2% with two zero

There are several roulettes:

  • European;
  • French;

So, the rules will change in compliance with the type of the game. Roulette is simply a game and everything depends on luck. So, the ball rolls and it falls into the number on the wheel. You can bet on the current number or for several sectors at the same time. We recommend you to read the rules to know more about the gambling session. The chance to win is rather high and there is no need to read the statistics.

Usually, the roulette gamblers from movies look stylish. The game is rather long. People can win and lose money for several times and all depends on your bankroll and skills. The process is the main because you are getting pleasure during this time.

Gamblers can bet for several sectors while playing the roulette. It will increase the odds but the payouts are less than if you choose the correct number.

Worst Odds Games


Casino gets edge from 3% to 20%. There are a lot of online slots with different stories. They can get 1 or even 25 winning lines. Some of them have the feature “game into the game”. We can describe slots for a long time. Unfortunately, you can spend all your money really fast while playing the games. Casinos can guarantee a trustful and honorable game. If it is wrong, they can lose their license. So, every myth about slot machines is not a true and you shouldn’t keep the information in mind. Moreover, you shouldn’t afraid of the slots. Especially about the feature to control the payouts. And in spite of a fact, you can waste your money fast while playing slots. For this reason, it is better to enjoy playing in free online slots no download.

2.Wheel of Fortune

The house edge is about 11% in this case.Here you just need to choose $1, $5, $10, $20 or a joker. The least dangerous bet is $1. The house edge is only 11% in this case. But some people choose joker and the house edge is increasing up to 24%.

3. Keno

Casino edge is over 40% in Keno. That is one more simple game. There are 80 numbers and the system will choose only 20. The more you have chosen correctly, the more you will get. Just try not to count. Firstly, casino staff doesn’t like that. Secondly, you couldn’t find a system. Moreover, you won’t get pleasure while playing the game if you are searching for the system. According to the statistics, Keno is the worth gambling game.


If you are in Las Vegas, you should relax and enjoy. Who knows how will the trip end. It is Las Vegas and what was in Las Vegas remains in Las Vegas. You should focus on the games with a high chance to win. In this case, you could get pleasure and earn money.