The Impact of Technology on Gambling

Technological innovation plays a major role in the shifting trend of gambling. These innovations changed the lifestyles of many gambling players thus making betting more convenient. Activities that were once done in a dedicated gambling environment like a casino, bingo place can now be done from the home, the workplace, or on the move.

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

AR and VR are two technologies that became a trend because we can play AR?VR games using Virtual Reality headsets and enjoy a fantastic gaming experience. Virtual reality is now a reality because almost everything is now virtual, shopping, food, groceries, basic needs, and of course, gaming. One very spectacular trend is that technology hardware is becoming convergent like internet access via smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and smart televisions. Aside from that, it also offers divergent content which includes online gambling. Now we can enjoy games such as Blackjack, Poker, and Slot Games and feel like we are playing in a real-world casino. The graphics are amazing and the audio quality is at par. The AR/VR technology truly helps the players achieve the ultimate gaming experience.

Live Dealer

Live online dealers are dealers where betters usually talk with about the game that they wanted to play only it is done online. They communicate thru chats and the transaction has to be done online as well until the client is already on the site and starts to enjoy the game.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is very essential in the Online Gaming and Casino Industry because helps assist the user with some of the common queries which can be easily solved without the need of an actual customer care representative. These chatbots can also help the user to guide through processes like payments, Navigation, etc. Apart from this AI can also help to create matches like “Player Vs Machine” for practice. AI can be found in most consumer service portals.

Facial Recognition

This facial recognition software from your mobile phone is one of the most popular software. One doesn’t have to use a PIN or fingerprint but also face to ensure online safety.

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Online gambling can be convenient but it can also be a target to illegal cybercrimes such as phishing so choosing a trustworthy online internet site is very crucial. Casinovibez offers a list of legal online gaming sites that would guarantee to suit a client’s discriminating taste.

So how does Technology protect Online Gambling?

Nowadays, Online Gambling Industry is not just a huge market Industry but functions as the only source of gaming due to the pandemic situation that is happening worldwide. That is why it must be protected.

Some regulations have to be followed according to the law and it includes Consumer Protection, Generating Tax Revenue, Keeping it tax-free, and retaining sports integrity. These regulations also restrict the user who is below 18 years old and then warn them when they are spending more on the game than usual by imposing a time limit. Once the user crosses the limited time frame the site stops the user from playing more and shows a cooldown period. Tax revenue which is another economic benefit for the country also keeping it Crime-free by protecting the consumer from ongoing frauds. You also have your account history available to check your transactions.

All of these were possible by establishing an effective regulatory regime which  includes:

Operator Licensing Model – This encourages customer choice and offers a full product range. There is also a limit to the total money one can keep in their wallet on such gambling sites.

Anti Money Laundering – Protecting the consumer from any kind of fraud such as fake phishing websites that steals money or credit card details and fake offers.

Responsible Gambling Tools – Security tools such as gamble awareness, budgeting, cash limit – Protecting them from overspending, account history, Valid Photo ID, and more.