Origin PC’s CEO Says Poor Support & High Failure Rate Led to Dropping AMD

Not that long ago Origin PC announced that it would no longer be offering AMD GPUs in their systems. They would still offer AMD CPUs, but they would only be using NVIDIA graphics from here on out. Many people speculated that NVIDIA was paying Origin PC to drop AMD and exclusively use NVIDIA GPUs.


In a recent interview with Bright Side of News Kevin Wasielweski Origin’s CEO shed some light on why they dropped AMD to hopefully dispel all of the rumors. From the article…

“Our support staff specifically requested to drop AMD GPUs. To clarify, it’s not just failures it’s a high percentage of issues. Anything that provides a negative experience to an ORIGIN PC customer is an issue for us. This includes failures, games crashing, artifacts, and lack of driver support.”

“When we had issues with their product we had to jump through hoops to get someone to help us quickly diagnose and solve the issue. When new products launched we would not get them in a timely manner and we had to juggle the possibility of having to risk launch just to remain up to date on our site (we never did and instead launched late). Support from AMD graphics to ORIGIN PC felt unorganized and forced. Take all those and couple them with field failures/issues and you have a recipe for disaster when it comes to ORIGIN PC supporting customers. Our ability to provide great support to our customers comes from our years of experience and strong partner relationships. Our partners ability to support us helps us support our customers.”

“It is absolutely not true that NVIDIA paid us to drop AMD and I can assure you we have not received any monetary benefits. In fact, I called my NVIDIA rep and informed them that we were dropping AMD. NVIDIA did not ask us to drop AMD. I find it interesting that not a single person has been quoted on any of those false allegations. There is simply no proof of this.”

So it looks like Origin PC has some very good reasons to drop AMD. I still know many AMD fanboys might think differently, but hopefully this interview puts it all the rest.

Source: Bright Side of News | News Archive

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