OUYA Offers $13.37 In-Store Credit to Dissatisfied KickStarters

OUYA was once an inspiring success on Kickstarter. In a very little time, the project expanded into a real commercial offering and directly its products were on store shelves and a host of developers working on games for the $99 gaming console. Besides this, OUYA even raised enough money to fund a million-dollar game-seeding award.


OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman has mentioned her concern to Kickstarters backers in one of the letters that she thought it was not reasonable that some of their most loyal supporters-didn’t get their OUYA even after it was on store shelves. Others had a problem with the new customer service, while some didn’t even receive the controllers they ordered.

To make it up to its customers, OUYA is offering a $13.37 in-store credit, realizing that they have learned a lot from their past and will continue to make themselves better. It is certainly a great gesture of accepting that it did fail and now hoping to start off afresh, and offering some amount of money is a sign of good faith.

So let’s wait and see whether OUYA is making things right with refinement.

Source: Joystiq | News Archive