Overclockable DDR5 Modules From Kingston Technology Will Ship In Q3 2021

Today, Kingston announced that they have sent their DDR5 memory over to motherboard partners to begin qualification for the next-generation memory platform.

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Kingston has used a preset XMP profile to manufacture its DDR5 modules and has also made it possible for motherboard manufacturers to manually adjust the power management integrated circuit (PMIC) beyond the 1.1V DDR5 specs which provide maximum flexibility.

The verification process requires the cooperation of the entire computing ecosystem. Kingston has established strong relations with motherboard manufacturers and chipsets in 33 years of its establishment.

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We can also expect quality products as Kingston has constantly engineered and has 100% tested every cell on every chip on every module and it also offered the combo of lifetime warranty and excellent customer support. It is also a board member of JEDEC which governs the microelectronics industry.