Parimatch doesn’t discount the possibility of making an IPO

The economic situation in Ukraine and in the rest of the world has been very dynamic during recent years. For this reason, companies, entities and business people from all across the globe need to be dynamic and be able to adapt to new circumstances that appear. In what concerns the Parimatch market of gambling, its CEO, Sergey Portnov has hinted on the possibility of making an IPO with the famous bookmaker and the parent company behind it. However, this is not completely guaranteed for the moment.

For those who might not know, Parimatch has grown into becoming much more than just another bookmaker of the dozens or even hundreds that can be currently encountered and enjoyed. Right now this company is involved in many other enterprises, including:

  • online casino;
  • IT development;
  • providing IT services to athletes, teams and tournaments in order to improve their performances;
  • the Parimatch foundation;
  • and much more!

All these instances constantly prove that Parimatch is an extremely dynamic and exciting company to work and participate with. Such a diverse market could be attractive in itself in case the board of the company decides to go ahead with the aforementioned IPO.


How is the bookmaker market currently looking

The reality of the online gambling market varies a lot from country to country. However, it is still possible to extract a few global facts and trends that can help us to gain a better insight on what is going on with these companies.

In the specific case of Parimatch, right now it is competing fiercely with other names in the market. However, it has managed to gain a solid foothold in countries of Central Asia and Eastern Europe. While there is still a lot of competition to face in those parts of the world, it is fair to say that nobody will move Parimatch out of there anytime soon.

In general, the online betting market is very overcrowded in practically all countries and regions of the world. This has forced entities like Parimatch into diversifying their efforts, but also into excelling on what they do best. This is why most big companies in this industry are offering new services every day, which have been extremely attractive for all users.

And it is fair to say that Parimatch has greatly succeeded in both endeavours. For example, Parimatch has already become much more than just another bookmaker, as it was explained before. But also, from the point of view of the users who make use of the website every day, they also seem to be quite satisfied with the quantity and quality of the available services. After all, without good user satisfaction, it is impossible to even survive in such a competitive market.

Summarizing, while the IPO for Parimatch is all but guaranteed, there are many hints that it could happen sooner than later. Such an occurrence could benefit the company a lot. However, those who are willing to participate in this instance are the ones who can definitely win the most with an opportunity of this kind.