Patriot Viper Xtreme Division 4 DDR3-1866 16GB Quad Channel Memory Kit Review

We will be running this memory kit through our battery of memory benchmarks and test.  We will be testing it at the default 1866MHz (9-11-9-27) and at our overclock of 2133MHz (9-11-9-27).

Our first test is the Cache & Memory benchmark that is built into AIDA64.

Next up is SiSoftware’s Sandra 2012 software.  It has 3 memory benchmarks, Memory Bandwidth, Memory Latency, and Cache & Memory Latency.

MaxxMem² – PreView is a new piece of benchmarking software we will be using to test memory, I definitely like it so far.

Our final test is the Memories Suite that is built into PCMark Vantage – 64bit.

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