Patriot’s New Affordable Gaming Mice for 2019

Looking to further broaden their line of gaming mice, Patriot brought two new affordable mice to their suite at CES 2019. The first, the V550 is a fully ambidextrous RGB mouse that fits mostly palm grip category. However the ambi design certainly lends itself to being used a claw as well. Inside you will find the PixArt 3325 5000 DPI optical sensor. This can be set up to 10,000 DPI using Patriots Viper software. Using the same software you are also able to arrange the multi zone RGBs. The V550 will do 100 IPS at a 1000 Hz polling rate. There are 9 buttons total with 8 of them being programmable in the Viper software. Finally it will connect through a braided USB cable.

Patriot V550 Gaming Mouse Patriot V550 Gaming Mouse Patriot V550 Gaming Mouse

The other new mouse to the Patriot line is the V551 palm style gaming mouse. It also has a PixArt sensor, this one is the 3327 6,200 DPI Optical. You will find the V551 can be set up to 12,000 DPI again using Patriot’s Viper software. There are 8 buttons, 7 of which are programmable and the same multi zone RGB control as the V550. This FPS mouse does 220 IPS with a 1000Hz polling rate. The V551 also has a 1.8m braided cable.

Patriot Viper V551 Patriot Viper V551

Both of these promising new gaming mice are scheduled to launch in February at $59.99.