PAYDAY: The Heist Free to Play Tomorrow

Over the past week Overkill has been running an event called “Crimefest”. This event was started to bring as many people as possible into their Steam group for PAYDAY. The goal was to hit 1.5 million members before October 18th and they have already hit their target so they are giving us PAYDAY: The Heist free to play for one day!

PAYDAY: The Heist

This will happen tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 10AM PST and will be free to play for an entire 24 hours!

If you are not familiar with PAYDAY: The Heist it is one of our favorite game franchises here at ThinkComputers. The staff plays PAYDAY 2 regularly! It is the ultimate crime game where you are a part of thief’s who have to complete missions like robbing banks, stealing drugs and much more. The original game has some really great missions and some pretty cool Easter eggs as well.

So if you have some time to rob some banks tomorrow you can do it for free! Check this link tomorrow after 10AM PST and the game will be free!

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