PC Versus Console – The Never-ending Gaming Feud

PC Gaming Versus Console Gaming
It’s difficult to surf for very long on gaming websites without coming across two gaming enthusiasts arguing over whether PC or console gaming is better. Inevitably the argument descends into childish name calling and swearing, with neither of the two parties willing to admit defeat. This means, of course, that it is an argument that virtually never seems to be resolved.

Let’s take a look at a few of the factors involved now, and see if there is a clear winner between the two gaming platforms. This will be an objective look, of course, with no bias towards one platform or the other.

Graphics – PC Is King

When it comes to raw horsepower, there is simply no denying that the average gaming PC is leagues ahead of a standard console, especially when playing MMO’s or at a CAD casino. Consoles are, in fact, almost always composed of hardware that is technically out of date. Of course, since a console is committing virtually none of it’s resources to an operating system, or other system functions, the older hardware can be extremely well utilised, allowing it to play games on a very focused level.

But that doesn’t stop PCs from being massively more powerful than a console. The result of this, of course, is that PCs game play games that look significantly better than those that are played on a console. With more power to utilise, games simply look better in a number of key areas, including higher resolutions and more advanced filtering techniques.

If you’re keen on cutting edge graphics in your gaming, a PC is the better option.

Accessibility – Console Is King

Video games are a casual form of entertainment for many. And, in this regard, the casual gamer is not looking to spend huge amounts of money, or have to learn and research gaming technology in order to simply play games. Consoles are, essentially, a pre-created computer that is designed with gaming in mind. A console is already assembled, comparatively cheap, and plays all the current AAA games.

If there were no consoles, the gaming industry would no doubt be a great deal smaller than it currently is. Consoles, essentially, open up gaming to the masses, and allow the video game industry to cater to millions more people than it would if PC was the only available platform. After all, not everyone cares about the latest graphics cards.

As far as accessibility goes, there is simply no beating a modern console.

It’s a Matter Of Preference

PCs are not likely to ever fade as a gaming platform, and neither are consoles. Both have their obvious pros and cons, and appeal to a particular demographic of gamer. Simply put; calling one platform objectively better than the other is likely due to a misunderstanding of how the gaming industry works.

And, of course, it need not be said that as the gaming industry continues to grow, the number of gamers that own more than one gaming platform also grows. Why stick to just one platform and defend it, after all, when you can simply own all the platforms and switch between them?

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