Phanteks Announces Enthoo Pro 2 Server Edition Full-tower Case

Phanteks has introduced the Enthoo Pro 2 Server Edition, a product aimed at providing exceptional performance and adaptability. This server edition showcases Phanteks’ cutting-edge elements such as the “High-performance Fabric” and a roomy interior, enabling seamless integration of various high-end setups, including SSI-EEB motherboards, advanced water cooling, and ample storage needs.

IMG 6421

The Enthoo Pro 2 Server Edition offers compatibility with a wide range of consumer and server-grade hardware, facilitating the effortless combination of various components to create a tailored and cost-effective server system. With expanded support for numerous PCIe devices, it accommodates server-grade hardware while offering excellent cooling choices to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, the inclusion of a left side fan bracket provides supplementary direct cooling for even the most demanding server configurations.

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With a remarkable capacity of up to 11 PCI slots, the Enthoo Pro 2 Server Edition provides ample room for multiple expansion cards, granting users the flexibility to personalize their server configuration according to their preferences. Its outstanding performance capabilities, unparalleled compatibility, and wide array of storage choices make the Enthoo Pro 2 Server Edition the ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts who aspire to build potent server systems without any compromises.

IMG 6423Enthoo Pro 2 Server Edition will be available starting July,23 on the following MSRP:

•Enthoo Pro 2 Server Edition Tempered Glass: €169.90 | $169.99 | £149.99
•Enthoo Pro 2 Server Edition Closed Panel: €159.90 | $159.99 | £139.99