Phanteks Announces Glacier Series R160 and R220 Reservoirs

Phanteks today announces two premium liquid cooling products to the Glacier Series. Inspired by the creation of water distribution plates in the modding community, the R160/R220 are developed to showcase and highlight the liquid element of your build. The R160/R220 features polished acrylic, sandblasted aluminum heatsink, and integrated high intensity RGB lighting to create a custom design reservoir. The large surface area and routing design gives the reservoir a unique look and stands out from the standardized reservoirs in the market.

phanteks res 1

The R160/R220 is designed to be versatile and flexilble, from mulit-ports to fill and drain to easy installation with multiple orientations thanks to an included mounting bracket that fits on any 120 or 140 mm fan. The reservoirs are optimized to allow for better performance with unique heatsinks that help dissipate heat from the pump and coolant. Besides the aesthetics, the reservoirs make filling the loop easier and removes air bubbles from the loop.

phanteks res 2 phanteks res 3

The reservoir is an element in water-cooling which users want to proudly present. Phanteks designed the R160 and R220 to bring them a step closer to achieving a custom build that will differentiate them from the rest.

phanteks res 4

Pricing, Availability, and Warranty
– PH-R160_BK01 – $89.99
– PH-R220_BK01 – $109.99
– Available at most local retailers in February 2018
– 2-year limited Warranty

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