Phanteks Eclipse P400S Case Review

I decided to shoot a time-lapse of my installation, be sure to check it out below.

To start off our installation we will be installing our motherboard, which is the ASUS Z170-A. It easily goes right in the case easily since there is a lot of room to work with inside. One thing that I liked is that the motherboard does not fit completely flush with the power supply cover. In cases where it does it makes connecting the headers at the bottom of your motherboard rather difficult.


Next is the hard drives. For the 3.5-inch drive we will be using the removable tray. With 3.5-inch drives there are no tool needed. You just pop out the tabs on the tray, install your drive and then press the tabs back in to secure your drive. For the 2.5-inch drive installation we are using the removable mounts on the backside of the case. You will need 4 screws here to secure your drive.


Once we have both drives in their mounts we can slide them both back into the case.

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Power supply installation is next and we just slide our unit in from the backside of the case. Just secure it with the included screws. Remember you want the fan facing down.


Now it is time to wire everything up. There is plenty of room behind the motherboard tray to do this and the velcro cable ties really help keep things organized, but there are hardly any cable tie-down points for using normal zip ties.

Phanteks Eclipse P400S Case

Finally we move back to the main part of the case to install our graphics card, which goes in extremely easily. There is more than enough room in this case for the longest cards on the market.

Phanteks Eclipse P400S Case

With everything installed we have a very nice and clean build.

Phanteks Eclipse P400S Case

When you power on your system you will notice the LED strip in the front of the case and the area around the power button light up. You are able to cycle through different colors by pressing the light button on the front of the case. You can also connect the LED strip to an RGB controller or RGB header on a motherboard.

34 Phanteks Eclipse P400S Case

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